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Go-to Chicken/Turkey Spice

This is the recipe you're going to want to pin, especially if you have not yet decided what you are going to do with that turkey this year. This dry rub, a few hours (or, better, a day or so), and your turkey will be quite tasty.

I'm giving the amount here for a chicken. If you're using it on a turkey, double it. You'll want to rub the bird all over with the seasoning: inside, under the skin, all over. It's a little messy, I know, and you're going to want to roll your sleeves up because you are about to get your hands all over the bird, and there is no way to do this without juice all over your hands. The flavor will be worth it, though. Promise!

We like to apply the dry rub a few days prior, and then we'll half smoke the bird and finish it in the oven. That is definitely a turkey for which we will be thankful!

Go-to Poultry Dry Rub

enough for one chicken (double amounts given if using on a turkey)


1 tablespoon ancho chile

1 tsp paprika 2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 tablespoon oregano 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon


Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Loosen the skin on the bird by pushing your hand in under the skin. Don't remove the skin; it will help keep the meat moist. Run the seasoning all over the bird: inside and under the skin. For best flavor, let the bird sit after rubbing on the spices for at least an hour, or, better, overnight.

Roast, grill or smoke your bird, allowing enough time to let the bird sit once it has reached the appropriate inner temperature, and let the juices soak back in.


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